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I crawled through the archives again. Even the docking plugins seem mostly dusty, probably because they've been made obsolete by Wasabi skins. Speaking of which, many of these skins are close to what I'm looking for. Both Invitica and MMD3 have a "stick mode" where they are elongated along the top of the screen (or anywhere else you put them), and others seem to have implemented this too. Now if only the skin would disappear from view when I don't have my mouse on it I would be happy.

That last part is probably the biggest problem, I think. How would you get all the windows (main, playlist, etc) to slide out of view, or would they? It would take lots of user settings to decide which windows would behave which way. You could even have options to choose how each window would slide out (main window goes off the top, playlist off the bottom, this window to the right...). It's probably too complex to ask, but as long as we're dreaming we may as well dream big, eh?

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