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Question Logiclib and expression compile error?

The strangest thing - I can't seem to use the LogicLib expressions (e.g. ${If}etc..) whenever I am in a normal function.

Basically my script is like this (reduced for brevity):

!include "LogicLib.nsh"

Function .onVerifyInstDir
${If} $0 == 0 <<<<<<<< THIS WORKS
Function StopAMCService
${if} $0 == 0 <<<<<<<< THIS WORKS

{$If} $0 == 0 <<<<<<<< COMPILE ERROR

So in the .onVerifyInstDir function, ${If} is ok
In a regular function StopAMCService, lower case ${if} is ok but ${If} is not.

The error I get is:
Invalid command: "{$If}"

I am confused why this is the case. Can someone shed some light?
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