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Yeah, the main technology in WA5 must be 5 years old (what a fantastic name for a five year ol product :P).

The new freeform technology feels a bit glued on to WA5 beta and some features like multiple DSP support (can be added with third party plugins) and "real" crossfading within the DirectSound-output is still missing.

But what do we got? We've one of the fastest [lightest] applications available for this purpose and fanstastic free plugins like MilkDrop and DFX Lite. I used WA 2 on my previous machine, a P166 and it's still the same on my 1,7 Ghz.
And I love all the settings! As an example: You can't find a media player with as complex MIDI support as WA2/5. The MIDI-settings for WA "overrides" the Windows settings, so you can use a different synth than normal. Amazing!
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