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Originally Posted by luis.alen View Post
Do you think I should be using the w3c log instead of the main one for this purpose?
the w3c log file is intended for keeping a proper track of the client connections to output something like
#Software: SHOUTcast
#Fields: c-ip c-dns date time cs-uri-stem c-status cs(User-Agent) sc-bytes x-duration avgbandwidth 2012-04-09 14:59:41 /stream?title=fc%2Auk%20-%20Inside%20Me%202 200 WinampMPEG%2F5.54 196608 8 196608
there should be enough tools / details available to parse that out as needed.

Originally Posted by luis.alen View Post
Isn't it automatically rotated when shoutcast is started? In case it's not and it does provide the seconds the user spent listening as well as the bytes transferred, it'd fit perfectly for my needs.
all of the log files are auto-rotated only on loading of the DNAS and not on closing of it.

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