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Funny what happens when you read the instructions! (sorry, no screen caps) Here is what I did:

Go to the wiki and read how to install the DNAS2 as a service

Take note of the fact that you need to specify the complete path to log files and any other files needed in the conf. before executing the command in a command window (navigate to where you put the DNAS and shift right click to open a "command window here". You may need to run the command as an admin which will take a bit more work.

Then you'll need to go to the services.msc applet and locate sc_serv and change it to automatic (delayed start).


Wait a couple of minutes (delayed start) and your encoders should connect and your stream will be available.

Specifics for my install because they might be important:

Fresh Server 2016 (with GUI) install with .NET 3.5 installed, network drivers, graphics drivers (all that was required for this computer).

Logged in with the default first account (administrator, not going to join this to my domain).

Assign a static IP to your to connection so your encoder always knows where to connect and your router knows where to forward the connection requests. (for locally managed servers)

Used the Windows 64 bit installer to install into c:\SHOUTcast tried the auto conf. file builder and failed, so built one from the simple template to get me going (go back and make things more secure). We only have a single stream. Not sure why the conf. generation tool failed, but it's not that hard to hand "code" them.

Shift+Right click inside the c:\SHOUTcast folder to get a command prompt.

Entered the command: "sc_serv.exe install sc_serv 0 0 sc_serv.conf" (no quotes) moments later the command prompt returned but no status condition and stream not yet started.

Press "Windows" key, type "services" and enter. Scroll down to sc_serv and double click to open the properties. Change start mode from "manual" to "automatic (delayed start)".

Reboot and wait (don't get impatient it took my server about 2-3 minutes before the service came up.

Your mileage may vary!
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