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This past Thursday afternoon 28 January, I received the first shot in the Moderna two-shot series. For those interested in my reaction: It never left a visible mark. That evening, I could only feel a trace of pain if I put pressure on it. Friday and Saturday morning it was no more sore than any other booster shot such as tetanus shot, which in my opinion caused a bit more soreness than this COVID vaccine. So, there is significant soreness for those first two days, but nothing very noteworthy.

Saturday afternoon, I had to unload a pickup truck full of lumber, followed by refilling it and unloading it a couple more times with split firewood when I was moving it from the wood shed to where I stack it near the house wall. Nothing overly heavy, just a lot of reaching up and down and lots of movement. That was a big help. They tell people to move your arm often and it gets rid of the soreness, and it turned out to be quite true in my case. I don't think it would have mattered if it were heavy work either though. By Sunday morning, I couldn't feel soreness even if I put pressure on the area. It was just back to normal. Overall, it just seemed like any other vaccine shot for the most part as far as my reaction to it.

On the other hand, I heard the second shot for Moderna can have some more reactions such as making you feel sleepy or worn out, but I won't be able to see for myself until 28 days after the first shot. Then they say I have to wait two weeks after that before I can consider myself fully immunized.

The Pfizer brand vaccine is supposed to be faster acting, but that's not available to us around here yet, and they wanted to have all of us as educators to be vaccinated as quickly as possible, so we ended up with Moderna. I don't know anyone that has had any COVID vaccination other than Moderna. The younger educators are still waiting on a scheduled day for them to get the shot. Because I'm on the older half of the employees, I was able to get mine. They're not forcing anyone to take any vaccination, but they're offering it in waves based on your age and status as first responder and/or educator.

The older educators in my building and district received their first injection early enough that they're getting their second of two Moderna shots today. So tomorrow and Friday will tell the tale in terms of whether or not they report any significant side effects or reactions. I'll report back if I hear anything worth mentioning, for those of you curious to know.

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