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Co-workers confirmed what I had heard before. The second Moderna shot is bigger on side effects when compared to the first in the series. A bit more pain in the arm starting around 4-5 hours after injection, and feeling tired, fatigued, and a bit stiff the next day, almost how a sports player would feel the next morning after a day of conditioning. I almost got the impression that 60-year-olds were living a day in the body of a reasonably healthy 85-year-old. Still, not too overwhelming. I'm hearing stiff but not so much achy. Like sit down and stand up more slowly than usual kind of stiff. One of the teachers in this category called off work because of the side effects, but then just decided to come in before the morning was even over, since the side effects, while not fun, weren't overly taxing. Still sounds kinda rough though.

That said, these are the oldest co-workers that were therefore earliest to get the shot (high 50's and up in age), and they're only one day past the second shot today. I'll need three more weeks before I'll know how the second shot affects people my age (I'm 42) since we just got the shot a week ago. My guess is that younger people won't have as much in terms of side effects, but I don't know from personal experience yet.

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