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Exclamation Why you wanna give me a run-around?

This is a heads-up to anyone wondering why they can't seem to log in to the Winamp forums with their Winamp/AOL account.

I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to register for an account that will allow me to post on these forums. I'll explain what I had to do; then you might realize why I am so irritated.

I navigated to
I found the register link right away.
I proceeded to create an AOL account.
I came to the Winamp forums.
I tried to log in, but I was repeatedly rejected with the message that either my account name or password was incorrect.
I tried Mozilla Firefox (since I was using Google Chrome originally). Same problem.
Will Internet Explorer work? Of course not.
I scrambled around these forums only to find that the Winamp forums and the Winamp main page use two completely different databases for registration.
I then registered for the forums using the link on the forum index.
I now have an account I can use to post!
To the bug reports!
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