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Problem initializaing WinAmp plugin(s), in_mp3.dll

What I am trying to do is to load in_mp3.dll, and use it to play mp3 file using out_ds.dll.
Apparently, I am missing something, because no example is working for me, they always fail at Init() call. I wrote some code on my own, I tried few examples from web, I tried Delphi, C++ Cygwin and MinGw, and it always fails on Init. Libraries are loaded just fine, manifest is OK, msvcr90 used from private assembly. Please, advise, what am I doing wrong?

E.g. Delphi:

FHandleInDLL := LoadLibrary(PWChar(PathInDLL));

//fp: function: pointer; cdecl;
fp := GetProcAddress(FHandleInDLL, 'winampGetInModule2');

imod := fp();
imod.hMainWindow := Handle; // main window handle
imod.hDllInstance := FHandleInDLL;

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