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It looks like if I try to do it like you have done it in your Example.cpp, it sort of works. This code is a bit too cryptic for me to understand how to get the filename in C#.

A couple lines I can't figure out how to translate:
HMODULE minilib = LoadLibraryW(L"WinampMiniMagic.dll");
wprintf(L"Title: %s\n", GetMetaDataFromFile(curPath, L"Title", buffer, 2048));
// Granted, I don't need the wprintf, but I'm still confused about the L and some other things.
(GETCURRENTPLAYLISTFILE)GetProcAddress(minilib, "GetCurrentPlaylistFile");
(GETCURRENTPLAYLISTTITLE)GetProcAddress(minilib, "GetCurrentPlaylistTitle");

// Tbh, I don't really need much other than the line:
(GETCURRENTPLAYLISTFILE)GetProcAddress(minilib, "GetCurrentPlaylistFile");
// And whatever prereqs it takes to get there.
// I can do the rest of the file info gathering through C#, I just want the filename.
// All the other aspects of manipulating WinAmp that I was looking for, I have found through SendMessage.
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