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Android Winamp Pro can not find music files

I never had this problem before, but I tried to add new files to my phone and I can not get any media player, including WinAmp pro, to recognize them. I ran "Rescan SD" and "Rescan Media" and I still have nothing in my "Artist", Album" or "Songs" categories. But strangely under "Genres" I have a category called "Rock" and I can find all of my files there. I am using Android version 2.3.4.
I can play the files by selecting them with the folder selection, but the auto sync program does not find them. I just deleted some files that I had on my phone that WinAmp could see. I tried to put them back and now the phone will not recognize them. I even rebooted the phone and unmounted and then mounted the SD card. Still no good.
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