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Hi DrO,

The best is to run and Test such unstable builds having problems and in need of debugging in "private" streams and not to use published radio stations and public streams. I am sure that we can just both agree on this point.

We are providing a service, with radio stations listed in iTunes, Microsoft, etc. etc. and the first two are not very keen to list radio stations having technical troubles for days (we are witnessing issues since the 11th).

I offered to create logs for you (as suggested by perfectlemon), but your post was clear stating that what I was able to provide (I am not an expert) was not enough for you.

In this case probably the Centova Team would be the best in order to provide what you need (as it looks like Centova Cast is the platform more effected by the discussed new DNAS issues).
From my side each action I have taken because of this DNAS issue in these 3 days meant to place a paid work order to Centova and pay the related fees, other than seeing the radio stations continuously offline for 3 days.
I am not allowed to place few more work orders to debug the new version of SHOUTcast DNAS (as I can't assist directly with the logs and other tech stuff) and the issues it faces on Centova Cast installations.
I wish there would be a direct channel open between Centova and SHOUTcast.

I hope this clarifies that there was all the desire to assist and contribute, but sometime there are other factors to deal with.

Thank you.

Best regards
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