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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
Do you have any ideas as to why my music sounds significantly flatter with "Allow 24 bit" checked?
That option should only be used if your source music files were encoded as 24-bit, otherwise Winamp would decrease the bit depth to 16-bit.

I don't know why it has an adverse affect on 16-bit files. I disable all 4 of the Winamp Playback - Audio options. My music files are all 16-bit, that's why I use Maiko to increase the bit depth after Winamp's input plug-ins decodes them.

Even though the Preferences Guide says the following, I rather have Maiko do the upsampling.

"Allow 24bit: Enables 24-bit playback for sound cards which support it. True 24bit soundcards output at 24bit, therefore the soundcard won't need to upsample 16bit to 24bit if Winamp is already sending it a 24bit audio stream."

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