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Originally Posted by iSPY View Post
Hi, I just stumbled upon this plugin while searching for different types and i have say I really like it
Been using eax fx 2.0 before and before that audio burst powerfx.

It works ok here in Windows 8.1 x 64 pro with my XFI Titanium HD pcie, but I would really like to have that fixed gui in mixer tab, other that that top plugin.
Hi iSPY,

Version 053.test.2 of Maiko (the version before the last) has a usable matrix tab. The balance tab is also usable in this version, but you have to move your mouse pointer up and down and back and forth across the tab to make the input boxes show up. They are above and offset to the left of where they should be. Just adjusting the balance sliders does not persist between Winamp sessions.
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