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128 kbps vs 64 kbps listeners able to listen.

I was wondering this.
If I set my stream at 128kbps I have been told many people with crap computers or dialup may not be able to get my stream/broadcast.
So, if I was to set my stream at lets say 64kbps does that mean many more people may be able to tune in?
It seems I get alot of people whom click in for one sec then dissapear. Is this because they cant get my stream because of a setting to high? 128kbps vs 64 kbps.
I get according to my graphs alot of people checking it out from germany, japan etc..
Also is their a major sound quality loss between those settings?
I would much rather set my settings lower and let alot more people be able to tune in.
Any insite into this is welcomed.
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