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Originally Posted by voodoohippie View Post
Be aware that if you want people to be able to listen from their web browser they won't be able to unless you stream in Mp3 format as Flash doesn't support AAC+ and neither does the Windows Media Player web plugin.
Windows Media Player used to have a plugin from Orban that allowed aac+. No longer available, unfortunately. So much for the "rumours" a few yers back that WMP11 would play aac+ natively
Originally Posted by Crash N Burn View Post
I have a player imbedded in my website so people can listen right off my website and I stream in mp3 format so if I was to go lower and set at aac + your saing people wont be able to listen using windows media player or real player? but they still may listen thru my player playing on my website?
No ... there is no "embedded" aac+ capable player ... except maybe VLC, but VLC is an unstable load crap IMHO

Whilst Flashplayer can play aac+, it can't "stream" it, except from Flash Media Server (includes Red5 and other clones) - as a side note, to this, a branch of icecast can stream "natively" to flash - perhaps AOL could duplicate this functionality, it's pretty simple

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