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These days, bandwidth limitations arent much of a concern for home and business listeners; at least not in the US. 128kbps should work just fine as long as you have the bandwidth to support it, and the quality will be pretty good. Listeners using mobile devices are where bitrate will really make a difference, as not everyone can sustain such a bandwidth-intensive stream.

For mobile users, I would recommend 64kbps, as was recommended in a previous reply. For music with a higher dynamic range of levels and frequencies, you'll want to keep the stream at 44.1kHz, which means mobile listeners will have to deal with a mono stream (64kbps 44.1kHz mono). This is what we use for our medium-bitrate streams. If you think broadcasting to these listeners in stereo is more important and you don't notice a big hit in the sound quality, by all means use 64kbps 22.05kHz stereo instead.
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