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I should have made myself more clear. yes you can stream in Flash (If you don't use Shoutcast as your server). However this gets more complicated plus you'd have to get another license for another stream. I don't think SWcast can support Flash Media Server. If you want that AAC+ flash webstream (not to push Loudcaster and be accused of Spam) but that is what you'd want. It streams your broadcast in 64K Mp3, 24K AAc+ (Both Shoutcast) and the Flash Media Server 24K AAC+ all licensing included.

But enough about that. Your pretty much stuck using 64K Mp3 Stereo 22.1 Sample rate. If you set that sample rate to 44.1 it will sound T E R R I B L E!!!!! so make Damn sure you set that sample rate to 22.1. NOTE: I did this for a while for iTunes listeners and it sounded good. I'm picky I run the most picky format Album Rock and trust me Album Rockers SON'T LISTEN TO YOUR BROADCAST UNLESS YOU HAVE AUDIOPHILE QUALITY SOUND!!!!! so if I can please Album Rockers with the bitrates and settings I gave you than certainly Top40/Rap listeners won't know the difference. In fact most Top 40 listeners can't tell the difference between a Mp3 @ 320K and a Mp3 @ 32K (Terrible awful sound never go that low with Mp3). When I could not afford a host I would stream om *************.com @64K 22.1 sample rate without a hitch and it sounded good using the wavestream embedded player. I got from 25-30 listeners even using that FREE host if this tells you anything at all.

Hope this helps.

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