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I have a 1950 Zenith "Hifi" radio which is probably the best radio I've ever had for noise immunity and distant stations on AM or FM.

The only way to combat that is to use a Yagi or Beam antenna not one that is omni-directional. Also the correct polarization is a must FM broadcast is horizontally polarized, where as cell phones are vertically polarized. This is why those wire dipoles work a little better than a straight antenna for FM Stereo. Note that many of Today's manufacturers don't even have a ground screw anymore on the FM side a few are at least smart enough to offer the 75 ohm balanced option with a REAL coax jack.
I think the 300 ohm twin lead dipole sold by Radioshack attached to a wall with thumbtacks is the best antenna I ever used for FM. It's just a piece of twin lead.

If you use a directional antenna for FM, you're probably going to want a variable attenuator in the line to the antenna. Signals that are too strong overload the "front end" and you'll end up with weird receiver behavior. I've seen an omnidirectional antenna benefit from attenuation on TV or FM. You can actually lose a ghost by attenuating the signal rather than amplifying it.

I'm about 8 miles from most of the towers and in a canyon. The wire on the wall and an attenuator do just fine.
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