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Hi there. I want to respond as a LISTENER....
So... for me, at first place is QUALITY (for some people isn't)
In my Home PC I preffer Listening to mp3 stereo 192kbps stereo and HIGHER
on my Laptop I preffer listening to mp3 128 stereo and HIGHER
on my mobile phone I preffer listening to 64kbit mp3 mono (because of the operator's limitation. And also 64kbit mono mp3 stream sounds better than 64kbit stereo stream).

I really love the mpeg2 codec and Love listening to .aac streams. On my PC I listen radios on aac 48kbps, 64kbps and 80kbps .. and I am really happy with this quality. I may listen eaven to 40 and 32kbps aac stream on my pc (the quality's still good enaugh) but it's a problem (yet) to play AAC streams on mobile devices.

It also depends what type/style/genre of music do you broadcast. The newer music (2008-2009-2010) needs more kbps to listen correctly, the older stuff like 90s, 80s doesn't need that much quality.

I strongly recommend you to broadcast MONO stream if streaming mp3 on 64 and recommending eaven more to make aac stream.

I hope my opinion was helpful for you, and excuse my bad English.
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