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I really have learned alot from all about my original post yet one thing seems to be unclear and undecided by many.
Keep in mind I run MP3 format.
Some have said run at 64kbps Mono 22.1 sample rate.
Some have said run at 64kbps Stereo 44.1 sample rate.
So when you broadcast 64K Mono your getting just one channel which has the L+R Yed together to the mono channel. So when your broadcasting in 64K Mp3 your only getting 32K L and 32K R. But and here is the But (when you lower the sample rate you get less Base but cleaner highs). So by switching to 64K Stereo 22.1 (instead of 44.1) you lose a little low end, but your S's don't sound like thumping Ssssssss or Thsssss every time someone says a word that has a letter S.
I think the best advice here in allowing more listeners to tune in and still having a good sound at a bitrate lower than 128 kbps would sound like broadcasting at 64 kbps stereo @ 22.1 sample rate.
From what im gathering here that would be the best sound for an mp3 stream at 64 kbps am I not correct?
I blend my mix with Old school Metal/Rock mixed with some new metal, but the majority is 80s and 90s.
Keeping in mind as said prior most people are probably listening thru laptops/tiny home computer speakers etc.. & not 100.000 home stereos.
Plus I think on mobile devices this would probably keep a steady buffer rate as well.
Thanks for all the imput I really appreciate it!
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