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I am a network engineer and have the occasion to build a lot of machines...... lately i have noticed on 98se that there is a bug with the winamp installer. I like to install winamp on all the machines i build....however this is rarely possible with the crc checksum error ......however, the thing i find funny is that Winamp refuses to admit that it is a bug.... i have looked all thru your forums and everytime someone reports the problem you tell them that they have a virus or to use some spyware piece of crap like "get right"....I have d/l your installer onto a brand new machine that i just built with broadband. It doesnt work i d/l it from some other site and same result..... I can take that same installer and transfer it to another machine and it works fine ????? Why dont you suck it up and look into this problem ???... It is really irritating that people are telling you that they have checked for viri....and have d/l ed it from several different sites w/ broadband or better and all you have to say is you have a virus.....well isnt that the easy way out .....DO SOME R&D AND ANSWER THIS PROBLEM