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I have never had a probelm with winamp before until this version. It can not manage 'big' play lists i can enqueue my collection of 6000ish songs but if i skip through them too fast or search for some songs that have a long filepath winamp will just crash. Its really annoying every 10 min its crashing. i have songs on 2nd hdd which may be prob???

P4 2.4
XP Pro SP2
Nvidia 6600
Asus.. P4SGX

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Sorry, but we cannot reproduce this problem (I've got ~20,000 entries in my playlist). Confirm a clean install with no 3rd-party plugins. If the problem persists, please post in the Tech Support forum, and explain the exact step-by-step procedure to reproduce the problem, in as much detail as possible, including details of the crash error message, if any.
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