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Again: crash with MOD files....

After my fresh and clean install of Windows ME and Winamp, Winamp first worked really fine, stable and fast. But in order to watch WMV videos, I installed the Windows Media 9 Runtime for Windows ME, as described in this thread.

Now Winamp plays WMV files correctly (it's even able to play WMV-HD files in HDTV resolutions, but since my processor rus at 866 MHz and I have only 256 MB system and 32 MB video RAM, it's only at ~2 frames per second.... but that's not the problem... ;-) )

So WMV is fine now. But when I play a MOD file (which I often do) and then "re-press" the "Play" button to restart playback, or drag another MOD file into the Winamp MAIN WINDOW (not the playlist) while the other MOD still plays, I get an exception in IN_WM.DLL ("This program must be closed" and blah [I don't know the english text exactly]). After that I get a blue screen (Error 0E : 0028 : C00587C9) which I can exit by pressing "ESC"... -- and Windows and Winamp work properly again, as if nothing happened!!!

Fact is, this error did not occur before installing the WMV Runtime. And isn't it funny that Winamp uses "IN_WM" when playing MOD files???

When I disable "out_ds" and play though out_wave, this problem does NOT occur!!

And note, that it only appears one time after each windows bootup! So when start my PC, play a MOD, press play again --> SEH dialog --> ESC, bluescreen --> ESC --> Double click again on that MOD file --> now I can press "Play" as often as I want and it doesn't crash anymore!!

I had a similar error before I reinstalled Windows, but then it was "MSVCR71.DLL" which caused the exception (please see this post!).

(btw. I always write "MOD", but of course the same applies to XM, IT and so on ---> all files handled by in_mod).

This bug really annoys me. Is there any way to disable the use of "in_wm" when playing mod files? Is "in_wm" neccessary for "out_ds" to work?

I even tried installing DirectX 9.0 (before it was 8.0), but it's all the same!

Maybe you could try to fix this.


@robert777: I've heard in the next version Unicode can be disabled

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