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Re: Re: ipod sync and duplicates

Originally posted by hkk
I'd just like to confirm this bug report. I am experiencing the same problem with a clean 5.21 install. Only a few albums seem to suffer from the duplication problem. And they get duplicated on every sync (not just the first time).
In my case it seems to be albums of german bands, containing songs with umlauts. So I am pretty sure this bug is related to unicode handling somehow (wrong assumptions when doing string comparisons maybe?). What is strange is that all songs in these albums get duplicated, even if only a few of the songs have umlauts in their titles.

Needless to say that this bug is extremely annoying. A quick fix would be great.
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Having the same problem here with a clean WinAmp 5.21 install. The problem occurs only with certain tracks on some albums (so for a given album, only some tracks are prone to this, and other tracks are problem free). As with other reports, it happens every time I sync. It looked to me like the problem tracks were generally the ones with the longest filename (though I have not been able to confirm whether any files with longer names don't exhibit this behavior). This leads me to wonder if the filenames are being truncated somewhere, and maybe truncated names are being compared with untruncated names.

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