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The working part of that line is that you get to know the person. Much easier than trying to be creative or stupid.

I was in a bar once and I saw this girl a few seets down. She was really beautiful. I could have sworn I had seen her somewhere before, really. So, I went over and said "Hello, my name is (name). You look very familiar and I was wondering if we had ever met before." She said back, "My name is (name) and yes, you look very familiar also but I can't remember where we've met."

Well, anyway, we chatted for sometime and still did not find the answer to our delima but we did end up at her place 5 hours later all over eachother. It lasted for about 3 weeks until I found out she had a boyfriend. I should have known when I noticed boxers laying in her bathroom when she wears G-strings.

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