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I got the memory card Sarge suggested from the link he posted:

SanDisk ultraII 1.0GB from Newegg

@ $46 and some change, it was more than I wanted to spend, but it turned out to be good. Unlike the Amazon/Simpletech MMC card I tried to buy, the purchased merchandise actually shipped and showed up in the mail!

The SD card works well for me, and I noticed that it has a tiny little write protection switch on it, something that I never knew existed on memory cards.

The high speed is very helpful - especially on transfers of data to the computer. Even at this high speed, it still takes a while to transfer an entire gig of pics, and I'd probably get quite impatient if it took any longer, so I'm glad it's at least this fast. It seems that the camera is able to recover from its last picture and take another faster than it would when compared to the card it was sold with. I guess the new card's increased speed allows faster repeat picture taking.

@ mark - I've known that 50X means 50 times audio CD speed, but how does that translate to data units per second? Is there a formula? I'd still like to know, because I may some time have another shopping experience where I have to to compare ____X to ___MB/Second.

Perhaps one of you knows what 1X means - how fast does a CD player read music? How many KB or MB per second is a standard CD player playing a standard CD?

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