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Originally posted by swingdjted
@ EfaustuS9 - Renee (fiancee) uses a Canon A540 like the one you linked to, but the specs in the book are slightly different than the ones reported in the review. It's a great camera for her, although I wish it had some kind of stablization/vibration reduction feature. We have to take 3 pictures of each low light object to ensure that at least one doesn't turn out blurry when seen on print or onscreen. A tripod and short timer takes away this problem, but it's a hassle to use all the time, especially at a museum/sight seeing-building while in a moving line of people.

There's a model just above that with the number 700 in it - has everything the A540 has, but adds the vibration reducation, is smaller, and has a more see-able screen when there's too much light outside to see other cameras' screens. But it lacks AA battery use and instead uses $38 rectangular batteries, and you must have a backup or you might get stuck without picture taking ability.
As far as I can tell the spec's listed match my camera point for point the camera is also listed here with the same specs. In any event when I was shopping for a digital camera I was looking for something that was relatively inexpensive, somewhat compact with a decent ccd chip and optics. I was also looking for a camera with a good complement of manual functions so that I could better familiarize my self with technical aspects of photography before taking the plunge into a 1000 dollar camera. So it’s a bit more then a point and shoot and it has its shortcomings but for the $240.00 I paid for it I wasn’t expecting the creme de la crème. I also bought it before cannon released the A700 which is very similar to my camera except it comes with 6x optical, is a smidge larger and roughly about 80 dollars more then my current camera. The 6x optical would be nice but I dont think is worth the extra 80 bucks.

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