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Re: Virginity

Originally posted by Triton4
or should the person be allowed to enjoy the pleasures and natural urges of sex (provided s/he is knowledgeable about it & uses sufficient protection)
What is sufficient protection considering rampant illegitimacy rates and the fact that 20% of us have Herpes?.

It's fine to talk about people being responsible and practicing safe sex. It's obvious people aren't and people don't.

Being a virgin until you got married?. Not the worst idea.

Whatever your choice is, your sexual life does have responsibilities. That is not to create unwanted children and spread disease.

If you have illegitimate children you can't take care of, or if you spread an STD, your conduct was reprehensible in satisfying your selfish needs.

I would be completely liberal about sexual attitudes if the result of this attitude wasn't so destructive to society. We live in an STD epidemic with millions of unwanted children living in poverty.

Wanna cure AIDS?. It could be over tommorrow. Is all it would take is responsible sexual attitudes.

Hell. When I grew up, sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous

I'm not gonna take the attitude "Thou shalt stay a virgin or meet Gods wrath!'. What I will say is that the popular way that sexual behavior is viewed is irresponsible.

Handing out condoms down at the grade school is not sexual education. It needs to be stressed that this is an adult activity that is primarily for reproduction and has responsibilities.

Why is promiscuity wrong?. It hurts people. If it's not spreading disease or making unwanted children, it's hurtful anyway.

When you swore to love your wife and cheated?. When you played one girl against the next. When they did it to you?. When you knocked up the 16 year old in your class?. When you got/gave an STD?.

How much does it really take for people to understand how important responsibility in this part of your life is?. How much carnage does it take for all of us to realize that this requires more thought than to seek gratification?.

Condoms?. That means you have 90% odds of avoiding unthinkably bad situations.

Those don't seem like good odds.

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