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Originally posted by hgnis
Do you really want to go where other men have gone before AND get their viruses?
That's a very swinging and general statement, are you saying that if you sleep with a non virgin you'll go around picking up other peoples viruses? great chat up line that, you'll go far

You might as well say you don't wanna go to hospitals as you might catch some some MRSA virus from another patient, or have the dentist poke around in your mouth because he had his fingers in someone elses mouth only minutes before you, or sit on the same public toilet seat as someone else might have pissed on, or drink out a the same glass that someone might have spat in at the bar.

You simply can't generalise like that, that's how closed minded hysteria starts.

The only safe sex is no sex, but if you wanna apply the same logic then you have to start giving up a heck of a lot more than the occasional rubber protected fumble to keep your health intact.
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