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Originally posted by CraigF
I think you're reading into my comment too much. My argument against option 1 actually had nothing do with with sexual health at all, but a relationship argument. I thought I made it clear that I consider sexual compatibility as a part of a working relationship (assuming sexual activity). If you choose to live without sex until marriage you are taking a chance that the one you marry you just wont click with. Thats not to say its not something that cant be solved.
That's funny because almost any studies I've read on the topic say that married couples that wait are generally describe themselves as more satisfied, and less likely to divorce.

More flippant views of marriage seem to follow closely behind more flippant views of sex.

Originally posted by Widdykats
Some of you may never get married. Will you stay celebate for your whole lives?
Do you find it odd that I'd say yes?

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