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Originally posted by abu
Oh, what's going on here? I use it every day, and it works with MP3. You must retransfer it, though (the settings get only updated at transfer time).
Tried again but still not showing up.

My tag:
artist: Yann Martel
album: Life of Pi - Disc 1
Filename / Title: Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 etc etc
Genre: Audiobook
Format: mp3

Ml ipod: Preferences - Audiobooks - Basics - Audiobook genres: Audiobook

Drag folder from explorer to ML.
Copy to: Ipod

Eject ipod through ml ipod

Shows up only in music folder and under album.

Win amp 5.34 mlipod 2.04p29 ipod video 5g (30gb)
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