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i played around with the audiobooky in the near past, and also with some video files. For both i have some questions.

(1) I have (for example) an audiobook currently encoded as MP3 files, with several tracks, ripped from CD (so not one big file but several chapters, each in one file). I wanted them to appear under music->audiobooks, and because of the file format stuff i tried to recode them to "iPOD format". I used one of the winamp onboard MP4/aac encoders via sendto->formatconverter and got *.M4A files.

Loading these files to the iPOD results not showing them up under audiobooks. 2nd try was to rename these files simply from m4a to m4b, and then this worked - all files show up under audiobooks.

(a) Does somebody the exact difference between m4a and m4b files and which one to use?
(b) Is there some way to automatically recode audiobook files to "m4b" during transfer /only for audiobooks/ (i think the current transcoding settings only allow transcoding enabled in general)? If not i would find this very nice as a new feature and fully acceptable to get audiobooks working.
(c) As i had chapter based mp3 files, now i have chapter based m4b files, each of them showing up in the audiobooks menu in pieces (not the one audiobook as a whole), and the worse, in some undefined sort order (at least it seems to be). I think i have to combine the several files into one large one - i this right? If so, does somebody know a good tool for doing this (best would be that the tool is able to insert chapter markers after each file). It also would be a cool mlipod feature to combine the files on-the-fly during tranfer to the iPOD, which also would make it possible to insert chapter markers in the result at the appropriate locations.


Complete other thing in this context: Chapter markers in video files. Do they work in general, or only for podcast videos? I ask this because i ripped some of my music live DVDs into one big file with chapter markers in it for each music title (works under quicktime, u can jump there to each chapter directly; btw: did it with handspring, nice oss), but it seems that there is no way to jump to chapters on the iPOD (didn't try it for podcasts, the files shows up as "normal" music video). Is my observation currect in this point?

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