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There is no difference between m4a and m4b regarding the contents. Only the iPod takes m4b being an audiobook, thus showing it in the right menu. That's all.
If an MP3 is markes as audiobook by genre in ml_ipod, it should show up there, too. I saw it a lot of times on the 80GB video iPod and on the nano 2G, but somehow this is not reliable. I don't know what the problem is

If you have several tracks, they always show up as individual entries in the iPod menu. You'll have to join them. For MP3, there is MP3AlbumMaker, which works fine for me. But no chapter markers.
Actually, ml_ipods support for chapter markes is not based on embedded metadata at all. It simply puts chapter markers at constant distance. That helps to skip through a long audiobook, but has nothing to do with real chapters

This fake chapter data is generated for audiobooks and podcasts only. Migzt be present for video podcasts too, havn't tried it. But definitely not for other video kinds.

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