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Originally Posted by aaronsnet View Post
1. Register a new app at
2. Fill in tokens in twitter.php (ALL needed tokens are available on the site where you registered your app. Just look really hard for them if you have trouble finding them!)
3. Upload twitter.php, EpiCurl.php, EpiOAuth.php, and EpiTwitter.php to your webserver IN THE SAME FOLDER!
4. TEST IT! Go to ... make sure that a tweet was posted to your Twitter feed!

If the test works, add twitter.pal to SAM:
5. Change URL in twitter.pal where indicated. SAVE!
6. Start the PAL script. If all is well, your artist/song title will update automatically to your Twitter feed.

Use of this script at your own risk (although I personally use it, so all should be well).
Just a few notes...

1. When you create your new application in Twitter..make sure you set the permissions to Read AND Write..not just Read Only.

2. Make sure your Application Type is Browser.

3. OAuth Mod MUST be installed in PHP for this to work.

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