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Hi again,
I'm trying to get informed whenever the volume is changed, so I wrote this inside the callback function:

if (message == WM_WA_IPC && lParam == IPC_CB_MISC && wParam == IPC_CB_MISC_VOLUME){

wchar_t valor_vol[1024];
int volume = IPC_GETVOLUME(plugin.hwndParent);

wsprintf(valor_vol,L"Volumen: %d",volume);
MessageBox(NULL,valor_vol,L"Volume changed", MB_OK);


The problem is that when the volume is changed two messageboxes appear instead of only one. If I change the volume from the clicking volume bar in the winamp window the first messagebox indicates the volume selected but immediately another messagebox appears indicating that the volumen was changed again to the previous level. If I change the volume with the mouse scroll I don't get this problem but still I get two messageboxes.
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