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why do i get the feeling that it's a C# form in the exe... since if it was a c++ based one then you can port it into the plug-in without too much of a problem but c++/C# in the same dll isn't (easily possible) from what i understand.

if you know basic Win32 stuff (without all of the abstraction that goes on the top of things) then it's easy to add a Dialog (form) to the plug-in and just respond to the WM_COMMAND and other messages as applicable in the dialog's window proceedure.

if not i think there were some examples people have done on how to use a C# dll in a Winamp / C++ dll (uses COM interops from what i remember) but as my knowledge of C# is pretty poor (only managed 1.5 months before i had to stop learning due to other commitments then i'm possibly not the best person on such things, heh).

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