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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
how do i visually tell the difference? ie. how do i know which ones need it vs those that don't? how do i confirm all of it successfully installed? is the build # the same before and after?
You can check the build number in the about Winamp dialog. Must be 3133 for latest version.

[Edit] release versions don't show the build number, so you cannot verify if you're running latest build or not, yeah that sucks.

Personally I'd prefer a proper 5.61.1 release too, though.

in addition, EGG, you have a confusing typo in this thread:

5.61 is what you meant, not 5.601 (in the post body). the hyperlink is also inccorrect, it goes to 5.601
I've fixed the typo and the wrong link, thanks for letting us know
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