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Using a Galaxy Nexus (Android ICS) with a car dock and Winamp Pro.

I have a few issues with this.

1) The Bluetooth controls on my stereo aren't advancing the song as I would expect (and it does with the default media player on the phone).

2) The app doesn't seem to know what car mode is, so where my lock screen on the phone is in landscape, when the Winamp lock screen is enabled, this is fixed to portrait and makes it impossible to control correctly.

It would be nice if the Bluetooth controls worked correctly. This did work on my old phone running Gingerbread, but never on this one.
The car mode option would be great if detected automatically (and actually existed with Winamp). It would be nice to be able to configure which side the control buttons went on also for left hand or right hand drive car. Just rotating the album art and control buttons would be enough really.
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