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Feature Request #1: In playing screen, add more useful info in small font just above the seek bar:

- index / total, Example: 17/28 means the playing track is the 17th of a total of 28 tracks.

- bitrate, encoder. Example: 128kps/mp3

Feature Request #2: In playing screen, add song rating
No need to do 1-5 stars, may be thumb up, thumb down like the standard Music player in Android 4.11
After that the Playlist screen will have a build in playlist name "Favorite" which will contain tracks which have had a rating

Feature Request #3: In playing screen, give visual hint of Shuffle/Repeat. However DON'T make them clickable (to avoid chaging them by mistake). If user want to change these options, the user must make an explicit option like current implementation in v1.3.4
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