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Hello Dr.Flay,

I did not visit for many months, so that I don't know, when they have changed the profile layout, but the new profile layout looks terrible. In Firefox and Chrome I have discovered, that I am redirected to YouTube in a new tab or a connection to Spotify is tried...

If I click on Your link, then I get the following:
What's new —

In my user-profile I have written 2 new comments, after I have lost all my links and all my blogs...
"Du siehst eine Betaversion der neuen Sag uns deine Meinung" = "You see a beta version of the new site . Have your say"... Yes, that I don't like such surprises very much. Now I cannot use as my main startpage anymore. In I have already changed my profile-description and added 2 further links, but I have still left the old link.

I am very glad, that we ourselves can decide now, what we want to add as online service, and I am sure, You will find some more sites...

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