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...errr I just did.
You played the soundcloud link via HTTPS, thereby proving that Winamp can stream via HTTPS if the certificate is valid.
Souncloud uses a certificate minted for the site, so you can use the whole site via HTTPS, not just logins.

Show me your failed HTTPS radio streams, and I will show you a site without a certificate, or a matching certificate.
I bet if you try the problem site with an S, you get a fail in your web browser.
You will see the certificate belongs to Akamai or other CDN.

Just because a site will use HTTPS for logins, does not mean that the content will work via HTTPS.
NPR is an example will not work because the certificate does not match
Same for

Those sites use HTTPS logins and you could force IE to accept the expired or wrong certificates for those sites (but no, you should never do that).

Here is your proof if you need more.
It is just a non-stop mp3 file, seved from a site with a valid cert.

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