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First of all please forgive this lengthy post; and I hope that my words ring in your heart and mind.

You my friend, are doing all and more than anyone should expect. We are not unlike, children eagerly in anticipation of the moment that x-mas is finally here, so that we may unwrap all that is good.

Your faith in this community has been as equal and leveled as many have soiled the good nature, and good faith of you and the team you once shared space with.

I for one applaud all that you do, believe in you and will constantly as long as this medium is available watch with baited breath at all that you divulge, and all that you cater to assist with those that do not understand the breadth of frustration you must feel.

You are amazing and there is nothing for which you should feel apologetic for, nor should you feel you have done anything other than continue to keep a struggling community going.

This long time asshat; really appreciates all that you do.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
I truly wish there was something I can do.

Believe me, no-one is more frustrated (and depressed & embarrassed) by the whole situation more than me.

I'm not a lead dev. I'm an engineer / technician / QA / support.
DrO & Benski were the (most recent) lead devs.
There's currently no lead dev working on Winamp.

Yes, we have a private/internal v5.8 beta, but there's nothing (much) new since I last posted :-(

Management has the final say, not me (or my lawyer, not that I even have a lawyer, heh).

I'm really sorry. All is not lost yet though, and I will never give up.

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