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A note for those making suggestions that winamp needs only programmers, plugin coders, skin designers and etc.

Those people do exist; and are in many cases still contributors to many solutions in their way. However, in many ways the wide breadth of the userbase that Winamp once had is while still large hardly; approaching what it once was.

This is not to say that there isn't a need for the program; there is a concerted effort by a great many to make things move forward.

Before you make a suggestion about open source, push this or that, asking skinner, plugin coders and programmers to commit their time once again. You have to ask yourself, why you are not contributing? Cannot code? Cannot Create Skins? Learn; do something if you feel so inclined to push others into doing something you are not willing to also do.

Some of my group, my friends, and many of those that have been here through, years of constant and continual changes, have contributed so much to this software to make it work that your suggestion may seem disingenuous to all those that have already done so much.

But what do I know, I'm an ass; I haven't contributed to anything remotely as time intensive as those that have designed, developed or created the millions of submissions that made winamp what it was.

sorry I've read way to many of these comments, and suggestions to hold my breath any longer.

:rant over: mod - please delete this post if out of character or in any way rude, offensive or just not what we want around.

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