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As annoying as it sounds, winamp is now well and truly dead.
Yes, we have a working 4yr old version that is still available to download, and it works well for playing your mp3s, but we're now kidding ourselves expecting radionomy to change tact and start developing when its obvious they have no interest.

I've been as hopeful as all of you, checking this thread over the last few years periodically to see if there is any update. I thank DJ egg, DrO and all others who have spent so much of their time developing and keeping us updated.

Lets look at the facts though guys, since v5.666 what has been done? Basically a lot of work to take out the proprietary stuff and replace it. There have been no real innovations, and they're not even allowed to release what they have done to us.

With people increasingly using streaming services, the relevance of the product to the mass market is now much less than it was. Winamp will be a niche minority product, and arguably for playing media it still currently works and does the job originally intended.

I have fond memories of using it from V1, and getting regular updates.....damn dare i say it i even liked winamp 3! but we are all now just clutching at straws. to wait one or two years for an update is being patient, but to think something may come after nearly 4yrs of nothing....even i've lost all hope. I just hope DrOs efforts produce some fruit and extension of life for the player, as i dont think radionomy will be doing anything with it.

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