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Originally Posted by CMRUbroadcast View Post
I have experienced my radio station stream being down a lot recently.

For example, today it has been down for around 7 hours now. Really hard to establish my station when im getting screwed over my shoutcast (with whom I am paying a monthly subscription to use)

Stream URL

Stream ID: 3239

Does anyone have any better streaming server options besides Shoutcast? I am wasting my money at this point. I don't understand why it has to go down weekly for hours at a time yet other online radio stations stay up all the time. also the cust serv response rate is slow.

Sorry for the hostility, but this is understandably frustrating. Everything checks out on my end.
I had similar issues, I decided once my trial was over to switch over and try Cast. If you don't mind not able to insert ads, get it: or get their Shoutcast package...So far my listenership has increased. When I grow big enough I may consider Shoutcast again but hosted by me.

They got a free package that I use to maintain song info for certain services (like my song history display) for Shoutcast. So you can use that and try it out: (when I get bigger I'll jump on their unlimited with ads but Cast comes with unlimited too and cheaper)

So far they've been fast and reliable and support has been good.

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