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Lyrics Plugin can use Proxy ?!

I'm using the "Lyrics Plugin" ( ) and I wondered how I can make it use a Proxy.

I already configured Winamp's Proxy settings and they work (e.g. webstreams and Gracenote Autotagger). Since the Plugin Interface seems to work as InternetExplorer, I also set up the proxy setting for Windows/InternetExplorer, and they work fine.
But the Lyrics Plugin stays entirely white. Thus the 3 buttons "configure", "edit" and the other one are also gone.
Is there a way to force the plugin to use (Winamp's) Proxy settings? Maybe a file (perhaps .ini ?) in which you can configure such things? Or maybe a Windows related program, that manages the proxy settings and leaves Windows without knowing it? Whatever!

Thanky you!

(Win7 64 Prof., Winamp 5.621(x86)
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