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It seemed to me that over the years that I had written a large number of posts about tech support stuff. Not denying AOL's rights I now declare anything I have ever written here to be Creative Commons license ZERO

Which means if you dig up some router help or some shoutcast help. Anything written by me is CCL-Zero and you may do whatever you want with it.

Some contributors may want to add their own attribution. I was digging through some posts and a good editor could probably come up a pretty good look at shoutcast from stuff I wrote.

If I wrote it. It's free. Aminfu? Could we have that attribution for your love of your fellow man?

A little edit.... there might be enough to get an open source help manual.... if a few of us donate...I

There are some real tech support gems in this thing. If I wrote them they are now CCL Zero. Other authors may want to do a similar sort of attribution before doomsday.
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