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Shoutcast Auto dj scheduler

Hi guys,

Please share your expertise.

Relevant info:
I am currently using Auto dj in the CentovaCast panel, to schedule my dj mixes and shows.
The music is all stored in the server space provided with the Shoutcast package I purchased, via the built in ftp, therefore I do not need a computer to be on.
I have scheduled shows that should run on advertised times, each day different shows.

I have tried all different possible playlists, I have studied the manual, I have tried all sorts of playlist possibilities but the scheduler does not switch days.
I even scheduled a whole weeks worth of a playlist and timed it to 168hrs of a week and chose to repeat once a week, but after 24hrs of perfection, the playlist turned to random playing..

Can anyone recommend any music scheduler software that is more powerful and versatile and compatible with Shoutcast, so that I can keep my files on a server but still automate all my shows?

I really hope this all makes sense and many thanks in advance :-)
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