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All Fixed!

Thanks for everyone's help ... I was finally able to get sc_trans on windows working with sc_serv running on the same machine. Simple config file errors: The default stream id in sc-Trans_basic.conf is streamid_2=2 or something like that, which for my setup was wrong. Changing it to id1=1 allowed sc_trans to connect to sc_serv and work. Then, I was able to connect a Shoutcast v2 source as a DJ, but not a v1 using SAM Broadcaster which has been discussed here. It turns out that the sc_trans_dj.conf file uses the default ports:

I tried different ports and did port scans and realized that the legacy ports I selected were Closed, while the v2 port was open. At last I looked at the virgin config file, and realized I had added a 1 to djport ... as in
which does NOT work. When I lost the 1 and had
it worked perfectly. So basically a couple of sytax errors caused these problems. SAM is able to connect in legacy mode quite well, and the DJ calendar and playlist playback work perfectly too. Thanks to all who gave advice about these problems, I'm sorry that it was just a couple of syntax errors which caused the trouble.

One question about sc_trans ... does anyone know of a script for a web page that would allow requests and 'voting' for songs that the automated system plays, as in showing a list of available tracks and then allowing users to vote on what they wish to hear, and then play that track in sc_trans? Kind of a specialized setup, but if anyone has or would share such an example of adding request capability to the "jukebox" I would be most grateful!

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